How to Define Your Purpose & Position Your Brand for Success

All brands, whether corporate or personal, become stronger (and more powerful) when their focus is narrowed. But for most of us, the challenge is that the closer we are to the brand (especially if it’s a personal brand), the harder it is to determine our direction, define our uniqueness, or narrow our positioning.

In fact, many times as our businesses grow it’s easy to lose track of our purpose and even become untethered from our “why” – and that can quickly spell disaster.

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The Essential Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Every social network has it’s own unique guidelines and specifications for uploading profile information and posting visual content. Because you are your own “Chief Marketing Officer” – it’s essential that you and your team stay up-to-date to ensure your brand looks it’s best across all major social media channels…

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Gordon Parks: Back to Fort Scott – A Photo Essay of Segregation in the 1950s

A new exhibit at The Museum of Fine Art Boston features Gordon Parks’ photo essay of my hometown, Fort Scott, Kansas, in a segregated 1950. One of the most celebrated African American artists of his time, this particular essay of Parks’ never ran, but his images and the story behind them have resurfaced after nearly 65 years in obscurity.

My great-grandfather’s Sinclair gas station can be seen in Parks’ image shown aboveUntitled (Outside the Liberty Theater), 1950. This particular image was the one that MFA Boston curator, Karen Haas, stumbled upon that started everything…

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It Ought to Be Otherwise

To those who are experiencing their first Christmas with an empty seat at the table this year, and to those who have dined with an empty seat for a while…

To those missing their family this season, and to those for whom the definition of that word has a complex or painful meaning…

To those who are sick this Christmas, and to those who are caring for someone who is…

To those in a pit, for which getting out of bed some days is a monumental victory…

To those who are sad, wounded, or angry; and to those who have been betrayed…

To those who have children who can’t control themselves, causing others to make assumptions about both you and your child…

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Introducing LIFT: a Get Noticed™ Child Theme for WordPress

I am incredibly excited to introduce LIFT, a Get Noticed™ Child Theme for WordPress.

I designed and developed LIFT, the child theme that powers my blog, on the backbone of the amazing Get Noticed™ premium WordPress Theme designed and developed by Michael Hyatt & Andrew Buckman.

If you’re not familiar with it, Get Noticed™ is the perfect theme for anyone wanting to build a personal brand – speakers, authors, consultants, brokers, pastors, or corporate executives. It’s the same theme that powers Michael’s blog of over 350,000 subscribers. I absolutely love Get Noticed™! It’s easy to use, and has loads of features – and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to build a personal brand online.

My child theme, LIFT, builds on the Get Noticed™ theme by providing:

  • An Enhanced Design
  • Responsive Home Page “Hero Banner”
  • Dynamic Footer with “About Me” Photo & Spotlight Area
  • Enhanced Tablet and Mobile Device Responsiveness (looks great on all browsers and devices)
  • NEW Shortcodes to Easily Modify Text Size (Large, Small & Tiny Text)
  • NEW Shortcodes to Highlight Text Areas & Spotlight Important Items
  • NEW Shortcodes for Enhanced Buttons and More Button Color Choices
  • NEW Shortcodes for Beautiful “Big Buttons” that Call Readers to Action!
  • NEW Shortcodes for Boxes, Outlines, and Special Message or Content Areas
  • …and more!

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What if there were no stop signs and a major corporation was charged with inventing one?

For all the designers out there… You know how accurate this really is.

Action breeds confidence and courage. Inaction breeds doubt and fear. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Dale Carnegie