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Should You Put Your “Real” Personality Into Your Brand? Check out what Marie Forleo has to say about creating an authentic brand voice.

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11 Habits For Working From Home This Summer To Be Twice as Productive (and Create Extra Margin for Fun)

For some of us, the thought of working from home this summer strikes fear at the very center of our hearts (if you have young children at home you know what I mean!) Yet for others, it’s like reliving moments from the summer vacations of our youth.

I recall one summer, not that long ago, when I chose not to work from home during the summer months. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be as productive. I thought that I could “get ahead of the game” while everyone else was slowing down and heading off for vacation. Over the next few months I toiled away at the office on plans and projects and before I knew it, the summer was over. I was mentally and physically exhausted, unlike my colleagues who had taken advantage of the opportunity to rest and recharge while working from home. What a huge mistake!

With more of us working from home for a portion of our week than ever before, successfully navigating the summer months from home is not just a luxury – it’s a necessity.

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You never know when your moment will come

With Microsoft officially ending it’s support of Windows XP this week, it reminded me of this story…

Photographer Charles O’Rear – who happens to be my son’s great-uncle (both our kids are adopted) – explains the story behind the iconic Microsoft Windows XP wallpaper made from his photo, Bliss, in this video – which is now estimated to be the most viewed photograph of all time.


New Coaching Program is Live!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Communicator Coaching – a new coaching offering designed specifically for speakers, authors, and professional communicators.
I’ve partnered with my good friends at The Frontline Group, an artist-management company with clients like Ken Davis, Michael Hyatt, and Crystal Paine ( to create this exciting new program.

Our team recently sat down to discuss what’s been happening in the coaching program with our charter group. Take a look at the video or check out our complete site at

Best April Fool’s Joke of the Year

Derek Halpern
April 1, 2014


Why I’m Deleting My Email List (And What I’m Building Instead)

After careful consideration, I’ve decided that building an email list is one of the DUMBEST business decisions you can make.

And the world’s smartest marketers are, instead, focusing on building their Facebook page exclusively.


Because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

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